Urgent Care for Car Accident

If you are in a vehicle collision, you should seek auto injury treatment as quickly as possible. If you do not have any visible signs of injuries or any pain, you need a doctor to examine you. At Tran Urgent care center, you can get an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment. Do not hesitate to stop by a clinic after your accident.

Care is essential

Some people may not want to add to the stress of a car accident by getting auto injury treatment. Other victims may prefer to tough it out or might not see any point in seeing a doctor. However, certain injury symptoms can get worse over time, while others may not show up at all until later days or weeks. It is more effective to get prompt care than to wait until the condition has progressed. Also, getting a diagnosis and treatment will help the insurance claim go faster. This is also a critical step if the victim is considering hiring a lawyer and filing an auto injury lawsuit.

When to choose urgent care for Car injury treatment

People injured in a car accident have three choices for getting medical attention. The person can go to the emergency room, the primary care physician’s or to the urgent care office. If the injuries are serious enough, EMS personnel will take the victim to the ER via an ambulance. This department should be reserved when life or limb is threatened. The doctor’s office is a good choice for minor or moderate injuries. However, if the incident occurs on the weekend, at night or on a holiday when the doctor’s office is closed, urgent care can take care of the patient.

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  • Diagnosing the injuries

    Car accidents can cause a wide variety of injuries, including sprains and breaks, cuts, concussions and non-life-threatening internal problems. The urgent care doctor will examine the patient carefully. Sometimes, the doctor may be able to make a diagnosis from the hands-on evaluation. In other cases, the physician may use an X-ray or CT scan to confirm the condition.


    Auto injury treatment can begin during the same visit at the urgent care center. The doctor may prescribe medication to reduce swelling and pain. A cast may be necessary to stabilize bones and heal fractures. The doctor may stitch up wounds after controlling the bleeding. For other issues, the doctor may counsel the patient to rest and avoid strenuous activities. There will also be a follow-up appointment (or multiple appointments) during or after the treatment.

    A place you can feel good about

    There is no need to suffer from the effects of a car accident. Instead, go to your nearest urgent care facility and get the treatment you need. Whether the injuries are minor or moderate, you need to feel at ease with your health and wellness. This medical attention will allow you to resume your normal routine without pain and discomfort. You will not even need an appointment at these centers, so stop by as soon as possible after your accident.

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