• Urgent Care

    Our Urgent Care bridges the gap between a visit to the ER and booking an appointment with your PCP. We’re open 5 days a week to be of service for all your urgent care needs.
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  • Primary Care

    We provide a full range of family health services for children and adults, thereby eliminating the need to consult separate physicians. Call today to schedule an appointment.
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  • Opening Hours

    • Monday - Sunday
      9.00 am - 5.30 pm
  • Microwave cooking

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  • Weight Loss

    Now more than either a healthy weight is paramount to maintaining good health. Our team is committed to helping you make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve your weight loss goals in a safe, enjoyable manner

  • Get Free Initial Consultation, Call +25 (510) 210-5225

    Fees are an estimate only and may be more depending on your situation


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